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Air Conditioner Tune Up Special
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Now, Chapman Air & Heat is gonna round up them A/C dogies and brand'em cool. Our Hard Riding Techs will do all they can to make sure you are cool all summer long. Them high energy bills have been warned - The good guys are rolling again. Read below for our Air Conditioner Tune Up Special.
AC Tune Up Special
Test Type
Procedure & Explanation
Thermostat Performance Certification Test
Comfort & Savings
System On-Off Variation
Measure temperature swing (on & off switching) with a digital thermometer
Temperature difference greater than 2ْ F affects indoor comfort
Comfort & Savings
Temperature Read-out
Compare thermostat reading to our digital thermometer
False room temperature readings are confusing
Consult with customer, proceed to program thermostat
Daily routine settings can reduce energy consumption about 6%
Heat, Cool & Fan Switch
Switch through each mode checking for smooth movement and continuity
A thermostat is an automatic on & off switch. If faulty, cooling or heating will
not function
Outdoor Condensing Unit - Reinstate Capacity & Reducing Energy Usage
Preventive & Safety
Clean Cond/Coil
Clean with biodegradable dissolvent restoring efficiency & capacity
Cond/Coil Inspection
Check for damaged condenser coil fins and make recommendations.
Cabinet Clean
Apply environmental protective coating to unit cabinet
Outdoor Condensing Unit - Manufacturers Compliance Test
Cond/Fan Motor & Compressor
Measure current with an AMP meter then compare to factory rating
High AMP draw wastes energy and will result in an untimely breakdown $$$
Preventive & Safety
This is a remote switch operated by the thermostat turning the high voltage
on/off Inspect for rusted or pitted points & burnt or loose power connections
Preventive & Energy Saver
Tested with a multi meter and visual inspect for oil residue or swollen state
This stores energy. If weak may cause slow compressor start-up & failure
Internal Wiring
Inspect for visible signs for loose or burnt wiring and power connections
This simple inspection could avert a major costly failure
Preventive & Energy Saver
Refrigerant Circuit
Record the liquid & suction pressures evaluate the superheat and sub-
cooling If out of calibration unit will produce less cooling capacity and waste
Refrigerant Leaks
Visually inspect for Freon leak indicators like oil residue or stains
Detecting a leak early may save the life of your compressor averting a large
Indoors - Evaporator Cooling Coil
Energy Saver
Performance Inspection
Record entering & leaving air temperatures. Evaluate the performance
If out of calibration unit will produce less cooling capacity and waste energy
Refrigerant Leaks
Visually inspect for Freon leak indicators like oil residue or stains
Freon leaks are a prelude to a massive breakdown and could cause a large
Indoor - Blower Cycle & Wheel Assessment
Blower Motor Speed
Nearly all motors have 4 speed settings and will check them for you
High speed could be noisy, low speed may not deliver enough cool air
Blower Alignment
Most blower noises are due to an imbalance wheel vibrating
Vibration is a leading cause for noise and will destroy the blower motor
Preventive & Savings
Blower Wheel
Dirty capacity reduction can occur and may create an imbalance
A clean blower wheel is more efficient plus it will extend motor life
Preventive & Savings
Cabinet Insulation
Inside the cabinet insulation may become detached impeding blower wheel.
Efficient & reduces noise. Not all units have this feature
Indoor - Onboard Automated System Controller & Wiring Harness
Preventive & Safety
Control Module
Inspect for visible signs of scorched, discolored, rust or water spots
Sends heat start-up sequence and receives emergency shutdown
Connecters & Plugs
Just a simple look & see for burnt or damaged wires & connecters
A quick connection repair would be a good prevention defense
Indoor -Volts/AMPS Manufacturer Compliance Test
Power Connection
Visually inspect incoming electrical connections
Loose wire connection may cause circuit short resulting in unit failure
Preventive & Savings
Blower Motor
Current measure with an AMP meter then compare to factory rating
High AMP draw wastes energy and will result in premature motor failure
Sniffing for a smell of burnt plastic is what we call the odor test
A smell of burnt plastic is an early sign of transformer meltdown
Condensate Drain
Inspect drain slope for proper flow then purge with nitrogen and deposit algae
tablets. This simple practice may avert a water leak preventing damage to
your home.