Trane ComfortLink II :   Create Nexia Home Intelligence Account
Create Account

This is the first step in getting your Nexia System up and running.

1 - Visit to create your Nexia account. Select Get Started Here

2- Review and accept the Terms and Conditions to start the account setup process
Click on the "I ACCEPT" box and then click on the Continue button
3 - Next is the entry of account specific information
4 - Now you will create account credentials to uniquely identify your account
Enter your Username
The Username is the name that you will use to log into the site.
Please note that a username must contain eight characters and can only consist of lowercase letters and numbers. Special characters and spaces cannot be used in a username.

Enter your Email Address
This is the email address that will be used to activate your account.
The email address must be entered in the proper format:

Enter Email Confirmation

This must exactly match the email address previously provided.

Enter a Password
The password must contain at least eight characters consisting of one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and one number. Your password cannot contain special characters.

Enter the Password Confirmation
This password must exactly match the password provided previously.
5 - Click the Continue button
A page will be presented to enter Purchase Information about your Nexia system
Use the dropdown menus to select where and when you purchased Nexia

    If the appropriate selection for where you purchased Nexia does not appear in the dropdown menu, please choose Other and then type your response into the text field provided.

Click the Create Account button.
Part 2 - Create House
This is the second step in getting your Nexia™ Home Intelligence System up and running. There are several screens involved in this step.

If you haven't already, log into Nexia at with the Username and Password selected in the Create Account process.
Once logged in, the Add Your Home page will be displayed
1. Enter a Home name in the box.   This name should represent where Nexia is installed.  The home name will be referenced in alerts.
2. Enter the home's Street Address.  This is used to provide location-based functionality.
3. Enter your home's Zip Code in the box.   Zip Code is used for local weather information.
4. Choose your home's Time Zone from the dropdown menu.   Time Zone is used to run schedules at the proper time.
5. (Optional) Upload a picture of your house - use the Browse button to choose a picture from your files
6. Click the Continue button.
The Enrollment Cart page will be displayed:
On the Enrollment Cart page, select all devices you will be setting up at your home. 

Click a category (such as Thermostats)  to expand the list specific models of devices.

Check the box next to all devices you plan to enroll at this time.

Then click Continue.

Continue by clicking on NEXIA ACTIVATION on the left