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Controlling Your Comfortlink Thermostat With A Mobile App
Please follow these instructions to learn how quickly and easily you can activate your iOS or Andorid mobile  app for your Nexia Account.
Adding Nexia To A Mobile Device

1 - Download the Nexia Home App to your mobile device. 

Download the Nexia Home Intelligence app (iOS, Android, or Windows phone) from the appropriate app store you normally use .  The app is free.  Download the app to your phone and then follow the below steps from the web portal to setup and activate your phone.
3 - Click Add Mobile Device button.
2 - Click on the Mobile Devices button from the dashboard.
4 - Complete the information shown in the New Mobile screen.
Assign the mobile device a name.  This name will be used in alerts and Event History when this phone is used to make system changes.

Mobile Connection:
If you are using an iPhone or Android device, you can select WiFi;  you do not need to enter your carrier or phone number.
If you are using an older Java-based device,  enter your carrier and phone number to receive a text message with a link to a limited version of the app you can download.

Set Vacation Mode & Temporary Codes
Allows the mobile app assigned to this person to be able to set vacation mode (disable all lock codes)  and create 24 hour temporary codes.
ONLY CHECK THIS  BOX if you want to allow this mobile user to manage lock codes.

View and Manage Recorded Videos
Checking this box will allow this mobile user  to view recorded videos. 
ONLY CHECK THIS BOX if you want to allow this mobile user to view recorded videos.

This Device Can Run And Manage Automations
This option allows this mobile user to control automations, which could affect any devices currently assigned to an automation.
ONLY CHECK THIS BOX if you want to allow this mobile user to have access to your automations, which could include control of locks if locks are assigned to automations.

Devices This Mobile App Can Control
Check the box next to each device this mobile user should be able to control.
For example:  You might allow a property manager of a vacation home to have access to the front door lock and thermostat,  but not have access to an office door.

This device can receive Push Notifications
Check this box to receive alerts as push notifications instead of (or in addition to)  text and email alerts.
Push notifications are currently available for iOS.     Coming soon for Android.
5 - After completing all settings,  click Activate
6 - You will see the  following screen displaying a randomly generated 12 digit code (example shown below).

* If you already downloaded the Nexia mobile app, open the mobile app and enter the 12 digit code into the app when requested.
* NOTE:  The 12 digit code will expire in 30 minutes.   You can click "Activate" again to generate a new code  if the code fails to work for you.
* If you do not have and IOS or Android platform, clicking the activate button should send a text message to the phone number you entered at the top of the mobile setup page (normal text messaging rates apply).   Open the text message and click on the link to download the mobile app to your phone. Please note that if you've already downloaded the app, you do not need to click on the text message.
7 - After entering the 12-digit code in your mobile app,  you should see "Activation Successful" on the web portal.  You will now be able to use your mobile device to control your home.

Note:  Your mobile app will next request a 4 digit PIN.  This is an extra layer of security for your app.    After entering and confirming the PIN, you will then see your Nexia account in the mobile app.    If desired, the PIN can be disabled under SETTINGS inside of the mobile app.
Tip:  There is no limit to the number of phones or tablets you can have on your account. 
Each mobile device can be configured to view and control specific devices.