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Trane XB Unit with family in Dinint Room
The XB16 was designed to be versatile and will deliver 16 SEER when matched up with a high efficient indoor coil and furnace. This may be confusing but no need for worry. We will put together a match that will squeeze out every energy dollar. A smart approach for the budget minded.

The SEER is a measurement of energy (electricity) used for cooling. The higher the number, the lower the cost to cool your home. The government sets the lowest mark at 13 SEER. The engineers at Trane have developed several super high efficient models that can achieve up to 20 SEER. Of course, these cost more.

The Trane XB is built Texas Tough, right here in Tyler Texas.

Trane XB16 Cooling

Single Stage Cooling
16 SEER-Matchup
XT80 Standard 80% Efficient
XT95 High 95% Efficient
The XT furnace has an ECM fan motor that operates more efficient and reducing energy consumption. The ECM motor also works with your cooling system providing that extra boost and saves energy.

Standard blower motors do not deliver the precise air flow that your high efficient air conditioning units require. The ECM motor is constantly adjusting, keeping the duct system static pressure at a constant air flow. This small advantage increases the SEER rating and gives you and your family the energy saving you deserve.

NOTE: The XB16 can be matched with other models.

Trane XB16 Cooling

Single Stage Cooling
14 SEER-Matchup
XB80 Standard 80% Efficient
XB90 High 90% Efficient
The XB 16 condensing unit can achieve a of 16 SEER to 13 SEER. What makes the difference is the furnace and coil match-up and there are thousands to choose from. An independent testing company (AHRI) verifies the SEER match-up, and then issues a certificate number. Confusing as it may be we will help with your selection, whether it's for improved comfort or energy savings.

An SEER rating is a measure of energy (electricity). The higher the number, the lower your cost for cooling your home. The government sets the lowest mark (13 SEER) allowable but do not set the highest. Benign responsible care takers Trane has developed several very efficient models that can achieve up to 20 SEER, of course they cost more but save a lot of energy dollars.

The Trane XB 16 is built Texas Tough right here in Tyler Texas.

AFUE is a gas furnace efficiency rating. The higher the rating, the higher the efficiency. 80 AFUE means 20% of the heat energy (natural gas) is wasted and a 90 AFUE wastes 10%. The minimum allowable by the DOE (Department of Energy) is 80 AFUE.
Trane XB13 Cooling

Single Stage Cooling
Up to 13 SEER
This unit achieves 13 SEER the minimum required by the DOE (Department of Energy). The SEER rating is a tool so consumers may compare energy cost during the buying process. The higher the number, the less energy used and there is many to choose from 13 to 20 SEER. Buying the right air conditioning unit can be confusing with terms like variable speed, two stage cooling to mention a couple.

The XB13 outdoor unit with its reliable climatuff will work hard all summer long, providing dependable comfort for you and your family. Simply put, It's hard to stop a Trane.
XB80 Standard 80% Efficient
XB90 High 90% Efficient
The XB furnace is constructed to last and is tested again and again for long-lasting performance. The XB Trane furnace will be dependable, providing you and your family comfortable warmth during the coldest days of winter.
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