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Air Filters, Air Purifiers and Indoor Air Quality

Clean Air Indoor Benefits

You may have noticed that you are suffering increasingly from allergies and breathing problems in your house. It may be that you have poor air quality in your home. 

With more stringent building codes focused on energy efficiency, homes have become more tightly sealed with air/vapor barriers and better window and door seals. The downside of these greater energy efficiency measures is that tests have shown that it is not unusual to find higher levels of pollutants inside a home than outside. 

Air Circulation and Filtration in the Home

Dirty AC Filter

Your HVAC system, both the furnace and air conditioning systems, help circulate the air in your home and also filter it. Most systems are designed to exchange the air inside, bringing an adequate amount of fresh air into your home while exhausting the old. 

The filter is on the return air side where air is drawn from within the home and particles are captured before the air is sent back through. The size of the particles the filter will catch determines what passes through and what doesn’t. Since the blower needs enough air to push back into the home properly, whether cool or warm, the filter must let enough air through quickly enough to satisfy that need. The “holes” in the filter cannot be so small that they restrict the airflow.  This is also why the filter must be replaced before it has gathered enough particles that it clogs the air flow. 

A clogged filter caused the furnace to work harder. If the furnace has a variable speed setting it will go to a higher speed and it will likely run longer to reach the temperature set at the thermostat. The life of your appliances is reduced and cost of operation increases. 

More Particles and Pollutants in the Summer

Furnace Repair

The warmer weather of course brings with it more air particulates in the form of plant matter and pollution. Dust, pet hair, dirt, pollens, viruses and bacteria constantly find their way into your home. By the fall, the filter has likely done its job and is ready for a replacement. 

The Fall is also an excellent opportunity to get a Furnace Tune Up and check over the whole system before it needs to switch to the furnace to keep things warm. 

Proven Air Purification

Additionally, if you or a family member are having difficulty with allergies or breathing issues, it would be wise to install a whole house purifier. Chapman Air & Heat installs the Reme Halo Whole House Air Purifier and it will act on the particles that are too small for the filter to catch including viruses and bacteria. It will sanitize surfaces as well throughout the home, not just filter the air that passes through the duct. To learn more about specific pollutants and how the Reme Halo Air Purifier has been tested and approved for military, school and hospital environments go to Air Purification.

Google Reviews For the Reme Halo Air Purifier


Fantastic life improvement for those with allergies – great design, great functionality.The difference was both immediate and palpable. Everything felt easier to breathe and somehow lighter. My wife and I both have much more energy and need less sleep. So far, it’s been a wonderful life change for us.”

That is the best investment I made for my family’s health , works great on odors- no more chemical air fresheners, my sleep improved dramatically….”

“Within hours after the installment, my nose and lungs were clear – I had no idea I was congested due to the bad air in my home. I slept better because I could breathe easier. It has been 2 weeks and still no coughing and sneezing like before.”

“We installed the REME HALO and within minutes noticed a big difference in the air, much cleaner, no dust floating around, we sleep better, and don’t get headaches like we used to. I wished we had installed one of these years ago.”

At Chapman Air & Heat we are all about home comfort and a big part of that is the quality of the air in your home. Book a Fall Tune Up now (while you’re thinking about it) and if you think you or one of the family might breathe easier with cleaner air, ask about a Reme Halo Air Purifier installation.

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