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One Time AC Tune-Up for $89

Chapman Air & Heat can provide you with a fast, efficient AC Tune-Up in the Dallas Worth area. As the summer goes by and your AC is being used you may not notice that it isn’t working as efficiently as before. This can cause energy costs to go up.

The staff and technicians at Chapman Air & Heat understand how important it is for you to feel comfortable in your home or office. Our team can help ensure this! We provide you with an AC tune-up and answer any questions you may have. 

Our tune up is more than just a tune up! We ensure all of the critical parts are clean, snug and working at peak efficiency. This keeps you cool for the least cost right now, and reduces the chance of costly repairs down the road.

What’s Included in a Tune-Up:
  • Clean out the condenser coils.
  • Blow out drain lines.
  • Check the outside condenser and ensure functioning and make the needed adjustments.

Reasons Why Dallas Fort Worth Home Owners Need to Get an AC Tune-Up

AC tune-ups increase the efficiency of your system and decreases cooling costs.
Prevent and catch problems with your AC before it needs repair.
Extend the longevity of your AC unit and extend your home comfort.
Get maximum cooling during the hot months when you need it - efficiently!

Signs You Need An AC Tune-Up or Repair

  • Blowing Warm Air
  • Outdoor Unit Won’t Turn On
  • Unpleasant Odors
  • High Humidity Levels
  • Strange Noises from Unit
  • Frequent Cycling On and Off
  • Electric Bill is Higher Than Normal
  • Strange Leaks Around the Unit

Call to request a quote if you need a repair on your AC unit. We can do it all in one trip! Costs vary depending on what needs to be repaired. Contact us to find out how we can help you with your AC unit.


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