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Does Your AC Need a Repair After The Summer?

Does Your AC Need a Repair After The Summer

As we head into the fall season and temperatures start to taper off, your air conditioner (AC) might eventually get a chance to rest after working really hard all summer long to keep you and your family cool.

However, after a long hot summer in Texas, where your AC was running just about every day non-stop, it means that you most likely need access to great AC technicians who can provide top AC services and repairs in Dallas.

Now is a good time to get your AC repaired if it has started acting up after working so hard throughout the summer. Here are ways you can tell that your AC is in need of repair.

Hot Air

The easiest way to tell if an appliance needs repairing is if it doesn’t deliver on its primary and most basic function. If your AC is blowing warm air when it’s supposed to be blowing cold air, then there is obviously something wrong. 

Before you call the experts in, however, check that the thermostat is properly set and that there aren’t any visible blockages to the air intake or air outlet. 

Not Enough Air

Another quick way to tell that something is wrong with your AC system is if you have it on full blast but not much air is coming out. There could be various causes for this, ranging from a blockage in the ducting or vents to a clogged-up filter that needs cleaning or replacing. It could even signal a problem with the motor or something more serious.

It’s best to call in the pros to figure it out and solve it so that the problem doesn’t exacerbate into needing to replace the whole AC.

It Smells

Your AC should never produce smelly air. If it does, then there is something wrong and you should call a repairman in to take a look. A common cause for a bad odor coming out of the AC could be mold caused by moisture buildup, which can be harmful to your health. Another cause could be a burned-out wire indicating an electrical problem and a fire hazard. In some cases, you could even be dealing with a dead and rotting animal in the ducting, which you definitely don’t want to leave unattended.

Odd Noises

If your AC is making funny noises, there is likely something amiss. A well-functioning AC should give off a steady and soothing hum. If there are any noticeable changes to the way your AC sounds, then you should have it checked out. Rattling or buzzing could indicate something has come loose, or there is a foreign object stuck inside. Grinding sounds or whistling are indicators of something potentially more serious that shouldn’t be ignored.

For access to great AC technicians and AC repair services in Dallas, contact Chapman Air & Heat today and make sure your AC is in good condition as we head into fall.

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