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How To Lower the Heating and Cooling Bills for Your Business

How To Lower the Heating and Cooling Bills for Your Business

Nowadays, with the cost of living being so high and inflation going through the roof, it’s more important than ever for your business to find ways to reduce its heating and cooling costs.

Here are a few pointers that you can apply that might help you improve the performance of your HVAC system and reduce the amount of money you have to pay every month to keep your business functioning at a comfortable temperature.

Get an HVAC Maintenance Plan in Place

The first thing you should do to ensure that your heating and cooling costs are lowered is to get an HVAC maintenance plan in place, which includes having an HVAC maintenance checklist. This will help you ensure that all aspects of your heating and cooling system are well looked after. And if any air conditioning repairs need to be done or a furnace tune-up, you will know about them. 

Having a dependable company on hand, such as Chapman Air & Heat, to come out and ensure that your HVAC system is working properly can go a long way in ensuring that your system runs more efficiently and saves you money.

An HVAC system that is not maintained properly will run inefficiently and could significantly drive up the amount of electricity required to run it, thereby driving up the cost. Don’t underestimate the financial implications of having your heating and cooling systems kept in good repair at all times.

Carry Out an Energy Audit

An energy audit will look into many aspects of your company’s energy usage. It is a useful exercise to determine which aspects of your business are drawing the most power or where you could potentially cut back. An energy audit will help you identify areas of the business where energy is being wasted and provide a helpful baseline from which you can measure any potential future energy-saving efforts. 

From this baseline, you will be able to determine how much your energy usage has improved. This will help you identify if your HVAC system is running inefficiently.

Check and Recheck Your Insulation

One of the most critical things for your business to check is its insulation. Proper insulation is incredibly important for ensuring a comfortable temperature inside the building is maintained during winter and summer. 

If your walls and ceilings are not properly insulated, it is worthwhile to invest some money in insulating them, as this will translate into significant heating and cooling cost savings in the long run. 

As part of this process, check the doors, windows, and any walls for potential air leaks. If any are found, employ professionals to seal any gaps, either with caulking or weather stripping. Proper insulation will prevent heat from penetrating in the summer, keeping the building cool. In the winter, it will keep heat in, thereby keeping the building warm.

Use Natural Ventilation When Possible

Natural ventilation can significantly reduce the cost of running an HVAC system. Opening windows and doors and using fans to circulate the air instead of relying completely on air conditioning can contribute to lower energy costs. 

However, there is a risk associated with this method, as it may allow allergens and other pollutants to enter the building. While this approach can save you energy, it should be considered with caution as it can put some of your staff and customers at risk.

It’s an effective approach during the milder seasons of the year, as it can reduce the load on your HVAC system. But this approach is not effective during times of extreme temperatures or extreme weather, such as rain or snow.

To learn more about getting a furnace tune-up or an AC maintenance plan put in place, contact us at Chapman Air & Heat. We can provide you with a full HVAC maintenance plan to keep your heating and cooling costs low all year round!

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