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Premium HVAC Warranty Plan

Cover the lifespan of your HVAC investment for all service and parts.

If you like having peace of mind knowing that you can have your system serviced and repaired without any cost, then you should know about our Premium Warranty Plan*

You pay no deductible on Trane Service or Parts when you sign up for our Premium Warranty.

Our Premium Warranty Plan covers the labor on all mechanical and electrical failures of the equipment and its interior components should they occur.

Coverage listed below includes, but is not limited to:


fan blade, fan motor, coil, high pressure switch, low pressure switch, dryer, compressor, contactor, capacitor, expansion valve etc.

Furnace or Air Handler

blower, blower chamber, blower motor, control board, flame sensor, pilot, electric or hot surface ignitor, gas control valve, coil etc.


labor change out of a failed thermostat, does NOT cover the thermostat part or product replacement cost.

Additional Coverages on Equipment

expansion valve, check valve, reversing valve, service valve, metering device, inverter board, EEV stepper etc.

To find out more about our Service & Parts Warranty give us a call or contact us online:

*All systems must have an annual maintenance performed. Call Chapman Air & Heat on terms and conditions of our plan.
This is a separate contract between the agreement holder and contractor. Claims do not cover maintenance or what is considered a maintenance issue; filter changeouts, battery replacement, line blowouts, rusted drain pans etc. Warranty covers the major piece of equipment listed on the agreement along with all of its interior components. Exterior components of the equipment would not be covered. Including but not limited to exhaust, disconnect, exterior refrigerant lines, leak tests and drain lines.

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