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Solutions for Allergens & Illnesses in Your Home

Illnesses at home

During the frigid winter months, you and your family will spend most of your time sealed indoors to escape the cold. This means you won’t get as much fresh outdoor air as usual. Rather, you will be breathing indoor air primarily over several months ‒ air that needs to be shared with family members and pets.

As you can imagine, when this air is not purified, it can become filled with contaminants, ranging from dust and allergens to viruses and harmful bacteria. When confined indoors for days or weeks on end, sharing the same air, such dirty air can quickly affect you and your family’s health throughout the winter period.

Here are some reasons you might want to ensure that you have an air purifying system installed in your home this winter.

Healthy Family Enjoying The Holidays at Home

Air Purifiers: Helps You Manage Your Allergies Year Round

It is very common for people to struggle with allergies that are aggravated by airborne contaminants. Dust, pollen, pet dander and more can quickly fill the air of your home if left unchecked, causing allergies to become a constant nuisance. While antihistamine drugs can help to manage allergies, they should ideally be reserved for extreme circumstances, as constant medicating is expensive and can lead to unwanted side effects, such as drowsiness.

Unlike getting sick ‒ which typically has an endpoint whereafter one can recover ‒ allergies can be perpetual, dramatically reducing the quality of daily life for those who suffer from them. If a person finds themselves in a space filled with allergens, they will suffer from allergic reactions without ceasing until they are either removed from the contaminated space, or the contaminants are removed.

Allergies manifest in many ways, ranging from life-threatening anaphylactic reactions to mild but extremely annoying and somewhat debilitating symptoms such as burning eyes, endless sneezing, a non-stop runny nose, itchy skin, difficulty breathing, coughing and more.

With a proper air purifying system, you can get rid of contaminants in your home’s air and provide sustainable relief from allergies throughout winter and beyond. 

Prevent Illnesses With An Air Purifier In Your Home or Office

Probably one of the greatest risks of breathing in unpurified air is that it can carry airborne viruses and bacteria that can make you or your loved ones extremely ill. These viruses and bacteria can be spread through sneezing, coughing, talking and infecting surfaces they land on while also potentially being breathed in directly by others in the home.

Wintertime is usually rife with illness, as the cold air causes immune systems to weaken somewhat. Unfortunately, this means that it becomes easier for infectious diseases to take root in otherwise healthy people, who then spread the disease even further. To make matters worse, most people spend winter indoors with the heat turned up, creating an ideal breeding ground for viruses and bacteria, which love warm, humid, enclosed spaces to breed in.

By using an effective air purifying system in your home, you can ensure that any bacteria or viruses that find their way into your home can be eradicated before they spread. 

Even if someone in your family gets sick anyway ‒ perhaps at school or the office ‒ and brings it into the home, an effective air purifying system will help to prevent it from spreading to others in the home.

Air Purifiers Generally Will Improve Your Quality of Life

Having clean air to breathe inside your home will help ensure that you have a decent quality of life. 

  • Reduce Illnesses: Clean air allows you to breathe easily and won’t contribute to respiratory issues. You will get sick less often and suffer from allergies far less. 
  • Increase Mental Acuity: Clean air can help increase oxygen levels in your blood, as your respiratory system has fewer contaminants to deal with and can therefore focus on just imbibing the good stuff. This can help you increase your mental acuity and alertness while also ensuring that you generally feel more energetic.
  • Improve Sleep Quality: The clean air will also help you to get a better night’s sleep, which is also a major contributing factor to health and wellness ‒ both physically and mentally speaking.

In general, purified air will lead to an overall improvement in mood and temperament, which can have a dramatic effect on the sense of happiness and contentment within your home, making for a happier and healthier family.

What Air Purifying Options Are Out There?

There are various air-purifying solutions on the market ‒ the most common being small portable air purifiers that you can find at your local drug or department store. These small purifiers are largely ineffective in that they only purify the immediate air surrounding the device, meaning that you would need multiple devices throughout the home to have any worthwhile impact on air quality.

Moreover, common air purifying devices rely on filters to catch contaminants. However, these filters become clogged and need regular cleaning or replacement to remain effective. Despite the filters being very fine, they cannot catch all microscopic viruses and bacteria.

The Reme Halo is a far superior air-purifying system because it is installed directly into your home’s HVAC system. Because the Reme Halo is an in-duct air purifier, it can purify the air at the source.


The Reme Halo uses a unique technology based on UV-C light to release a small quantity of hydrogen peroxide into the air, which is then distributed throughout the home and all surfaces within it. The hydrogen peroxide quickly kills off bacteria and viruses, ensuring the whole home is free of contaminants.

At Chapman Air & Heat, we carry out a range of services that will improve the air quality in your home. From furnace repairs and maintenance to air conditioning repairs and maintenance, we do it all. We supply and install Reme Halo air purifying systems as well, so you can be guaranteed to have clean air to breathe this winter and beyond. Contact us now for a quote!

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