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The Evolution of Air Conditioners

The Evolution of Air Conditioners

In modern-day America, living without an AC in your home seems unbearable, which is why it is so important to have a proper AC maintenance plan in place so that it is functioning properly when you need it. 

Nowadays, AC units are considered ubiquitous and a part of normal home life, although it wasn’t always this way, History Air Conditioning in Texas

Early AC – 1900s

The first AC units were invented in the early 1900s. These used ice and fans to cool the air. They were large and expensive systems, rather cumbersome and difficult to maintain. The need to replenish the ice constantly, in particular, was a complicated affair. 

These costly units were generally only installed in commercial buildings and places like theaters or department stores. Hospitals also made use of them as they helped keep patients comfortable. 

These inefficient systems, however, were in dire need of some innovative upgrading.

Window AC Units – 1930s

Window ACs were invented in 1932 by two guys named H.H. Schultz and J.Q. Sherman. These AC units made it more accessible for average homeowners to have cool air in their homes, and they soon became quite popular additions to apartments, hotels and homes around the country. Many apartment buildings, motels, and homes still have window ACs to this day.

These units no longer relied on ice water but rather filter air through refrigerant-filled coils to cool it. 

You will recognise these AC units by the large box unit that sits on the outside of the building with a fan situated on the inside. Generally, these units are not effective for cooling entire homes, but they work well for cooling single rooms. 

Central AC – 1950s

Central AC revolutionised the sector during the 1950s. This innovative system used ducts to distribute cool air throughout a building rather than just into one room. 

Again, central AC, at first, was mostly used in commercial spaces and places like government buildings, hospitals, and shopping centers. As time drew on, and the cost of installing central AC decreased, it became more popular to have them installed in residential homes and apartment buildings. 

However, central AC, while effective, was not very energy efficient.

Energy-efficient AC – 1970s

During the 1970s and 1980s, more energy-efficient ACs were developed as energy costs began to rise. Some of the technology used in these energy-efficient systems included variable speed compressors and refrigerants that were less environmentally harmful. 

While early versions were by no means as energy-efficient as the ACs we have today, they were certainly a step up from what came before and laid the groundwork for what came later. 

Smart AC – 2020s

In the modern era, ACs are increasingly made to be smart, with digital systems that can be linked to smartphones and other devices. These smart air conditioners can be programmed to adjust temperatures at specific times and in response to various variables to maximise efficiency and ensure perfect climate control. 

They can also be integrated into smart home devices like thermostats and home automation systems. Today’s smart ACs are highly energy efficient and can adjust energy usage according to specific needs and various personal settings.

At Chapman Air & Heat, we can ensure that your AC is running at optimal condition and efficiency at all times. Contact us today to schedule an AC tune-up and to schedule an AC maintenance plan!

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