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What Are the Most Common AC Repairs?

What Are the Most Common AC Repairs?

Air conditioning repair and upkeep are essential services for keeping your residence comfortable. The following issues and repairs are among the most prevalent in the business.

Air Conditioning Repair Basics

Several issues can signal a problem with your AC. The most obvious is an inability of the system to cool your residential areas. You may also notice strange sounds, such as hissing coming from the system. Humidity levels might markedly rise in the area as well. As a result of the system putting too much effort into its job, your cooling costs might increase.

Several components make an AC system function, and any of them may experience problems that require servicing and repair.

HVAC Unit Recharge

Refrigerant is the primary chemical that helps remove heat from your residence and deliver back cool air. When refrigerant leaks, the cool air cannot be cooled properly. The line containing the leak is first repaired. Then, more refrigerant is inserted into the system. The refrigerant may also need to be pressurized.

Federal standards require that a certified technician must perform this task.

Condenser Unit and Furnace Repair

Refrigerant flow is controlled by an outside part of the AC system known as the condenser unit. When this component malfunctions and the closed circuit system fails to operate properly, you’ll notice almost immediate problems with cooling.

The furnace, the centerpiece of an air conditioning system, may also experience problems that manifest in a number of ways: iced evaporator coils, noticeably darker air filters, stalled fans or motors, or strange smells. Like the condenser unit, various portions of the furnace may become faulty. A technician can best pinpoint the specific issue and perform either a repair or replacement if needed.


Air ducts are the structures that deliver air throughout a residence. A leak or tear in a duct can decrease efficiency, cause a deterioration in air quality, and compromise cooling capabilities. Because of its broad impacts, a repair for faulty air ducts should be done immediately. Sometimes, high-quality materials can be used to fix minor issues. If damage to the ducts is more extensive, though, a complete replacement may be needed.

Condensation Drainage

Moisture, or condensation, that develops on your system’s parts can hinder its operation. The condensate drain pump removes this excess moisture. Clogs in drain lines or deficiencies in lines, pans, or the pump itself can cause problems that may be resolved through a simpler fix, like flushing the lines, or more extensive repairs on the specific malfunctioning equipment.

Start/Run Capacitor and AC Contactor Replacement

Capacitors are power boosters, and electricity storage spaces that help the condenser fan and the compressor run efficiently. A capacitor replacement that takes place every five years can help prolong the operation of your system. This service involves discharging an old capacitor, removing it by disconnecting necessary parts, and then carefully securing the replacement.

The compressor and condenser fan are also aided by a mechanical relay part (the AC contactor) that works with the thermostat to deliver currents. This part also wears down easily and benefits from a replacement every few years.

For expert installation, repairs, or preventive maintenance tune-ups, consult with the customer service-focused diagnosticians and technicians of Chapman Air & Heat today.

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